Fleet Management: Five (5) Key Business Benefits

According to Fleet News, “Many day-to-day tasks involving fleets are time-consuming, laborious and complicated.” Devoting enough internal resources to handle it can be an expensive task, and many people don’t have the expertise to do it effectively. Fleet managers have to address a range of responsibilities such as drivers, fuel, preventive and corrective maintenance operations, safety requirements, insurance premium payments, checks on driver and vehicle,  and the likes almost on a daily basis.

 In some companies, these processes are done manually leaving room for recurrence of errors, loss of data, asset discrepancies and fraud opportunities like hiking fuel cost, fake spare parts purchase etc. Apart from the significant time that is taken to effectively execute this fleet management responsibility, there is more often than not a steady spiral in the operational cost required to maintain the fleet. According to Kpit “the operational cost of most unmanaged fleets is 10 to 15% higher than it should be”.

Your company may be experiencing these challenges and you’ve been wondering about the solution to these challenges. Well, the solution is easy-  Simply implement a fleet management system. Organisations that use vehicles within and outside their business require some form of professional fleet management in order to coordinate and control the lifecycle of their vehicles. An FMS helps you immediately reduce fleet operational costs  by at least 50% while increasing efficiency, improving productivity and ensuring compliance with legislation and across the entire fleet operations. An instance of one such company is the Central Hudson Gas & Electric that was able to make a savings of  $500,000 and increase productivity by 8% simply  by implementing a proper fleet management system.

Fleet management can be carried out within the business, usually by the appointment of a fleet manager, or outsourced to an external fleet solutions provider and in both cases you need an effective fleet management system and that’s where we come in. With our fleet management system you can control costs while enhancing productivity  that saves you money and contributes positively to your bottom line.

With Excite Panaceas’ custom Fleet management system, you get;
Transparency, Visibility & Optimized Performance Across All Fleet Operations –

Our  FMS, once deployed, allows detailed monitoring across the entire fleet operations, including metrics like-vehicle purchase on-boarding, utilization and maintenance cost- preventive and corrective, fuel consumption history, driver behaviour checks, compliance checks and requirements,  insurance tracking, GPS tracking…the list goes on.

Below is how you can use these detailed fleet metrics to improve your bottom line;

  1. Driver Behaviour: You can hold drivers accountable by tracking driver behaviour. Our FMS has increased fuel cost savings, driver and vehicle productivity
  2. Compliance Checks: You can track premium payments, get reminder notifications that prevent you from missing out on payment renewals and thereby incurring possible compliance fines
  3. Fuel Consumption Management: It’s reported that on average 15% of a company’s fleet fuel  budget is wasted by misuse and fraud, With custom integrations, our FMS will allow you track fuel consumption history, fuel spending patterns and purchases and prevent inappropriate or fraudulent fuel purchases.
  4. Vehicle Utilization & Maintenance Cost: Our FMS ensures both the driver and the company know when the vehicle is in need of maintenance or repair.  Preventive and corrective maintenance authorizations are simplified and streamlined and tracked  with approval levels, pre-approved vendors and pre-set spending limits, leaving no room for price hike or fraudulent initiatives, reducing and controlling your maintenance spend and saving you some cool cash.
  5. Operations Visibility: Our fleet management system ensures a full trail of information is available for each vehicle for performance tracking, management and accounting purposes.

    Our FMS is the right tool to balance and streamline your fleet processes and  save you money spent on operational costs. It will fetch you exceptional results whether they are measured in money,productivity, efficiency or effectiveness.

If you need more information about our fleet management system, require a demo session or free trial of our Fleet Management System, simply email: info@excitepanacea.com or call 08092598714

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