The Employee that doesn’t go on Holiday.

Recently met with an employee that doesn’t go on holidays. With a mind-blowing resume that encompasses the primary building blocks of business management, ranging from accounting to marketing, this employee has work experience of serving and shifting according to the needs of business organizations.

There are certain things that past employers agree on. For one, this employee has a knack for collecting, storing, managing, and interpreting data from many business activities using fantastic communication skills. Yes, I was shocked too.

After much persuasion and an incentive of a plate of jollof rice, a pack of small chops and a cold bottle of Coke, I have decided to share information about this employee with you. In this article, I’ll tell you why you need this employee in your company, the benefits of having this employee in your company and of course, the present location of this employee.

Before going any further, let me share with you the name of this employee. Drumrolls, please.

The name of this employee is Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP for short.

An ERP is a software an organization can use to manage day-to-day activities such as accountingprocurementproject managementrisk management and compliance, and supply chain operations

To explain further, I’ll give an example. There are different departments in a company, for example, the sales department and the marketing department. What an ERP can do for you is to compile information from each department and store it in the same place. That way, all departments can access the same information at the same time.

With that put in place, there is space for connectivity and coordination in your company. It makes business reporting a lot easier because all departments are now reporting to the same place. There’s no need to wait at someone’s desk for 10 minutes because you need a document; the ERP brings up the data for you and improves efficiency exponentially.

Have I mentioned that using an ERP guarantees data security? Apart from ensuring that data is accurate and consistently updated, an ERP certifies that all company information is confidential.

What an ERP can also do for you is monitor day-to-day processes, financial records, inventory management, and customer relationship management, which leaves out the risk of data error and the time wasted on imputing manual reports. Employing the use of an ERP is joining the tribe of large, medium, and small organizations that have long handed over the stress to someone else.

Now, to the best part. Where can you get an ERP?

At Excite Panacea, we specialize in the deployment of ERPs. Using the Odoo ERP solution applications, we produce tools that you need to run the business in real-time, quickly, and efficiently. The benefit of using an Odoo ERP is that it can be customized with unique features that work according to your company’s requirements. It’s like an employee created just for your business.

So we do all the hard work of coding and designing an ERP because we want to make the job easier and more efficient for you. What a jackpot you have found!

Reach out to us today, join the tribe and leave the stress to someone else.

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