A limitless online portal

  • Client: LimitlessBuy LLC
  • Industry: Logistics and Haulage
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The Problem

After years of orthodox methods of shipping and handling parcels from the US to major African countries, there was a need to improve customer experience while reducing operational bottlenecks including errors involved in processing and forwarding of parcels:

  • Empower overseas customers
  • Improve customer service
  • Make the forwarding process more efficient
  • Automate the estimation of costs

The Brief

Build an online portal that enable customers main an account with Limitlessbuy, retain a virtual USA package forwarding address which ultimately allows account holders to shop directly in the USA with a local shipping address.

The Solution

We conducted a comprehensive process review also which resulted in a new workflow diagram around which www.limitlessbuy.com was built using the most agile of tools that guarantee great user experience and lessens order management hassles as all received orders are addressed to unique mail boxes. Our design also provided channels for cost estimation and order reconciliation. It ultimately put this power directly in the hand of the customer.

The Benefits

Limitlesbuy has just gone live offering customers a seamless platform to register and own a unique Us shipping address with capability to cluster your orders before finally shipping out. There has been over 80% drop in the number of dispute and up to 36% increase customer experience based on the periodic customer surveys.