An automated work flow system for effective visibility

  • Client: Nalis Pharmaceutical
  • Industry: Pharmaceuticals
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The Problem

The Nigerian pharmaceutical industry is a highly completive industry to play in. especially for midsized home grown players. Nalis Pharmaceutical Limited with over 60 Field Sales Executives promoting about 24 brands across 42 SKUs using its market route built around 5 Region covering major cities in Nigeria was reeling under losses owing to:

  • Accountability issues
  • Very high cost of sale
  • Huge credit exposure
  • Loss of business owing to high staff turnover
  • Poor KYC compliance

In principle, the business was at the mercy of the sales executives who literarily managed the relationship and when they leave the business, they also leave the customers. The company’s was spending huge on marketing especial in fleet management and communications. Payment reconciliation and credit facilities created avenue for fraud and sharp practices.

The Brief

Deploy an automated work flow system that would help plug all the leakages and create more visibility across the business. The proposed solution would help manage and monitor sales activity real time and help improve our KYC compliance and reduce cost of sales considerably.

The Solution

We deployed an instance of H20 works, a field force effectiveness platforms that follows a logical sequence of selling stages occurring between the time an opportunity is recognized—a prospect is identified—and the time of follow-up activities after a sale is close with the capability to capture demand, projections depletion and competition data. An innovative solution designed to help improve revenue from any device or location. By enabling your sales workforce with smart devices to PLAN, ORGANISE, EXECUTE and MEASURE performance anytime and anywhere. An agile helpdesk consequently has been setup to manually confirm and valid any transaction registered on the portal within 30min after its upload.

The Benefits

Cost of sales dropped by about 19% as the Sale routes has been optimised using customer GPS coordinate captured over time. Opportunities for fraud have also been reduced considerable because sale transactions are captured real time on the platform. H20 works customer management engines now maintains a holistic list of customers and leads across the regions which in turn eliminate the market impact of staff turnover.