10 Years Strong; Excite Panacea Limited Celebrates 10 Years of Partnership, Innovation and Growth

Firmly rooted in providing innovative technology solutions with a focus on creating value through technology, Excite Panacea Limited a unique company is celebrating its 10th year in October of 2023.

Excite Panacea Limited was founded as a core technology solutions company in 2013 by Godson M. Nkeokelonye with a lean staff of three people and in an office barely big enough for one. Soon after starting the company, the company grew at an average annual rate of 45%. Today, Excite Panacea serves hundreds of midsize and enterprise companies around Nigeria and West Africa. In the past 10 years, Excite Panacea has continued to bring local relevance to global compliance, helping customers unlock growth potential by creating winning products and delivering the best world class services....

With footprints in Manufacturing, Distribution, Power, Fintech, Logistics, Tourism, Aggrotech, Real Estate and more Excite Panacea has evolved into a full- service technology hub with a robust IT and business solutions portfolio. Looking ahead, Excite Panacea will continue to deliver transformative, customer oriented and fit for purpose solutions to bridge gaps, solve challenges, and help customers thrive and maintain relevance.

“In the past 10 years, Excite Panacea’s services and operations have continued to evolve. We have expanded our resources and refined our services to meet the needs of today’s modern enterprise. From technology advisory, process and experience design, application development, business intelligence, data analytics, and custom solutions, we transform ideas and enterprise challenges into “fit for purpose” and “need met” solutions, optimizing the balance between PEOPLE, PROCESS and SYSTEM using best in-kind technology and tools said Godson Nkeokelonye, Founder & CEO.

“As we close this chapter and look ahead to the next, we acknowledge that the light bulb moments that have brought us to this point are not confined to the past—they continue to flicker in the minds of every one of us. And so we continue to dream big, innovate boldly, and create value that transcends boundaries.

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