Efficient Odoo ERP Deployment

Enterprise Resource Planning

Efficient Odoo ERP Deployment

Cable Manufacturing


Enterprise Resource Planning


Odoo ERP

About Cutix Plc

Cutix Plc is a renowned Manufacturer and Supplier of House Wiring Cables, All Aluminium Conductors (AAC), Copper Conductors, Aluminium Service Cables, Automotive Cables, Appliance Cables and Low Voltage Power Cables.

The Brief

Client is a cables manufacturing company with a need to deploy a responsive and agile Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) system that can be fully adaptable to both its existing and future desirable’s manufacturing processes while allowing room for modification and extensibility


Efficient Odoo ERP Deployment2

The Solution

A cloud based ERP solution was designed and implemented to manage the manufacturing processes and linking other business units to the Account department.


The Outcome

- Effective control and activities reporting.
- Optmized approval processes.
- Automation of all project management processes.
- Visibility of all departmental activities and actions

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