Commodity Trading Platform

Software Development

Commodity Trading Platform

Commodity Trade


Software Development


Laravel, React, MySQL, Linux VPS.

About Metalex Africa

Metalex. Africa is a first of its kind metal commodity trading platform that connects demand and supply for African metal commodities as well as convenes the providers of the supporting infrastructure required to get these commodities from the point of production to the point of consumption.

The Brief

Client engages in solid mineral and commodity trading  and required EPL to develop a platform that allowed them take their business online.  

Commodity Trading Platform2

The Solution

EPL designed and developed an end to end solid minerals online marketplace that currently serves as a hub for all stakeholders in the commodities (solid minerals) industry. 

The Outcome

- Digital transformation and streamlined of operations

-  Visibility, control, and management of  transactions

- Efficient tracking of resources and inventory.  

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