Software Development

Farm and Farmer Management Solution

Software Development

Agro Allied


Farm and Farmer Management Solution


Laravel(PHP), React Native


WACOT Limited is a leading food and ago allied company in Nigeria’s agricultural production and value chain sector with an operational focus on Agri inputs like certified seed, fertilizer and agro chemical distribution. As well as Farming – rice, cotton, sesame, maize, soy and many others.

The Brief

WACOT Limited required the design of a custom mobile application to manage their existing farmlands and farmers while facilitating the onboarding potential farmlands and farmers as well as capture the required information to enable the onboarding exercise in an effective and efficient manner.

Software Development2

The Solution

After detailed requirement elicitation sessions, we designed and developed a custom web and mobile application with features enabled to easily and efficiently onboard farmers and farmlands (as leads). The mobile application would also allow the assigning of verification agents to visit and geo-tag prospective farmlands, while also onboarding the farmers and capturing all the required information from the farmlands in an efficient, transparent, and seamless manner. The web and mobile application solution was then integrated to Google Maps service and mobile phone’s GPS to allow geo-tagging of the farmland coordinates.

The Outcome

- Seamless onboarding of farmers and their farmland.
- Improved productivity of onboarding operations.
- Accurate tracking of farmer onboarding activities, farmland inspection and mapping.

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